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Tax-related comics for Tax Season…

April 10, 1999
FoxTrot by Bill Amend - published April 14, 2013 - Jason: If tax reform ever happens, I have some fun ideas... Roger: I'm not sure I like how you end it with the hangman.
April 14, 2013
FoxTrot by Bill Amend - published April 15, 2001 - Andy: How are the taxes coming? Roger: Pretty slowly. I'm only halfway done with 1040 forms. Andy: Don't you mean the 1040 form? Roger: Sorry. I forgot a comma. I'm only halfway done with the 1,040 forms. Jason: You made a math mistake on page one. I hope it doesn't affect all the others.
April 15, 2001
FoxTrot by Bill Amend - published April 15, 2002 - Roger: We're supposed to mail in our taxes today, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it. I think It'll be just too painful. Andy: I thought we were getting a refund. Roger: We are. I'm talking about back pain. Andy: Maybe if we call a freight service...
April 15, 2002
FoxTrot by Bill Amend - published April 13, 2008 - Roger: What's this? Jason: A Summary of my video game income from last year. I figured you'd want to include it on your tax returns. Jason: I won't 63 high performance cars in "Grand Kartismo IV," operated a 50,000-acre theme park in "Dinosaur Tycoon," and earned about 10,000 gold coins in "World of Warquest." I had to guestimate the value of the coins, but I think it's reasonable to say I brought in about $125 million in total. Roger: $125 million. Jason: So go ahead and add that to whatever you and mom made. I don't want you getting nailed in an audit. Roger: You know, I think I'll just pass and roll the dice on this. Jason: Shoot, that reminds me — I forgot to include my D&D treasure!
April 13, 2008
FoxTrot by Bill Amend - published April 15, 2007 - Jason: Why do people hate filling out tax forms so much? Roger: Why?? Son, imagine a long complicated math test with page after page of arcane instructions that takes hours, if not days, to finish. One where every answer affects other answers, so if you goof one tiny thing up, you could goof the whole thing up. And if you don't do everything perfectly, you can be slapped with fines or thrown in jail. Now do you understand why? Jason: Nog realee. Roger: Are you drooling?!
April 15, 2007