Cast of Characters

Main characters:

Jason Fox

Jason Fox – 10-year-old super genius fifth grader. The T-1000 of little brothers. Loves math, computers, annoying his sister.
Paige Fox

Paige Fox – 14-year-old miserable high school freshman. Loves clothes, shopping, hunky boys. Good at yelling.
Peter Fox

Peter Fox – 16-year-old self-absorbed high school junior. Loves food, sports, food, loud music, food. King of homework procrastination.
Andy Fox

Andy Fox – Mother and part-time writer. Usually the wet-blanket sensible one in the family. Cooks vegetable-laden meals even a rabbit would run from.
Roger Fox

Roger Fox – Father and corporate cog. Clueless to his own cluelessness. At least he means well.
Quincy FoxTrot

Quincy – Jason’s iguana. Exceptionally skilled at puking in Paige’s bed.

Additional characters:

Marcus Jones

Marcus – Jason’s friend and partner in nerdiness.
Eileen Jacobson

Eileen – Jason’s rival at school and a major source of cooties.

Nicole – Paige’s BFF.
Morton Goldthwait

Morton – Paige’s perpetual would-be Romeo.

Steve – Peter’s friend. And not just because he works in a pizza parlor.